Why custom invitations?

I believe that a wedding invitation is a precursor to the event and should set the tone for your wedding day. My goal is to have all of your guests hold that first piece of textured cotton paper in their hands and think: "Wow, this wedding is going to be gorgeous."

Together we decide how your invitation will reflect the entire design of your wedding including colors, style, content and tone. We recommend that the entire suite is matched from main invitation to day-of stationery including table cards and signage.


All designs are seamless and handcrafted with tree-free paper, made from 100% cotton linters, a by-product of the textile industry. 

Palindrome Paper, previously, Papier Boutique Co., is owned and operated by Christina Renee. From ideation to design and final assembly-- you have one contact to make the design process seamless.

Christina works exclusively with only eight brides each year and is nearly booked for 2020. If you are interested in semi-custom stationery, visit our store opening May 2020.

Imaginative Designer.
Thoughtful Creator.

There are so many aspects of life that are copy + paste like Pinterest entryways and unfortunately, many invitations out there. I am at the point in my life where I believe that because we are all unique, we deserve to have some aspects of our lives that should remain sacred and focused on the its original intention.

I've been living my life like this for the past few years and I've learned so much more about myself by looking inward. It's easy to want the trendy option, but in the instance of marriage, the day is about the union of two people that love each eachother and throwing an awesome reception to commemorate it. The rest is just icing on the wedding cake.

I truly love what I do and that has always been creating custom and unique products for customers.  Working with couples and complimenting their personalities into a unique design is a skill that I've continued to stretch. I listen intently and I am thoughtful in all of my creations so that I provide a product that is beyond what one would expect. I like to push limits. I like when I hit the nail on the head. And I like being unexpected.


The primary two reasons why I chose the word "Palindrome" for my brand was because:


My husband and I got married on 8.18.18 which is ultimately a palindrome. We got really lucky because we were only engaged for ten months and the date was available. To see our wedding highlights and invitations, click here.


When I was little, my family had a secret code for "I love you" which when said aloud was "the three ones" or written as three consecutive roman numerals. I really wanted to name my business "III" for a very long time but it just didn't seem right to me. This is why I chose to havethree roman numerals in front of the word "Palidrome".

Why Palindrome Paper?
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